Holidays Session

Siaone Soccer Academy FC

Weekend and Holiday CAMP (Non-scholars).

This is the community initiative full day camps designed to improve the tactical and technical abilities of non-academy and recreational players in order to improve their speed of play, awareness and positive playing habits.

  • Technical training
  • Functional training
  • Shooting/finishing to goal
  • Transition games
  • Small-sided games
  • Goalkeeper training
  • Demonstrations


The role of the academy is to develop the players’ appreciation of the game, keeping winning and losing in proper perspective and being sensitive to each scholar’s needs.

It will also educate the scholars to the technical, tactical, psychological, physical demands of the game, ensuring that they have fund and receive positive feedback.

Training will be conducted in the spirit of enjoyment and learning, and strive to help each scholar to reach their full potential and be prepared to move to the next level.

As boarders living away from home, good peer relationships helps the scholar to develop better emotional intelligence crucial for football excellence and a career in the game.

Provisions will be designed to stimulate the scholar providing them with every opportunity to relax after school or training and develop group and social skills.