Siaone Soccer Academy FC

Talent Maintenance

In football, the selection criteria will vary from academy to academy, depending primarily on their playing and development philosophies.

A 6-stage talent maintenance process will be applied to the recruitment of players into our Academy. This refers to the process of recognizing those with the potential to become elite players.

It will entail predicting performance over various periods of time by measuring physiological, psychological and sociological attributes as well as technical abilities either alone or in nurturing the individual holistically towards realising the potential predicted.

Eventual success is ultimately dependent upon a myriad of circumstantial factors, including access and opportunities to practice, staying free from injury, and the type of mentoring and coaching available during their developmental years.

Also, personal, social, cultural and generic factors influence ultimate performance as these factors define individual personality and style.

Skills such as intelligence, speed, dynamic and static balance, focus, power, and agility are major criteria for the game of football. It is therefore critical for players to have these baselines for basic skills.

These skills will transfer to a players’ primary activity, so everything that the player does to improve the quality and extent of baselines from which football specific skills can develop will further enhance their opportunities to excel in the game.

In the long term, we prioritize a predetermined or connected set of tactical themes, so that there is a real chance to build up experiences and a kind of system in patterns of reaction to stimuli.

This is because learning or training, to create stable action patterns for specific game situations, will only take effect if it is part of a systematic-ongoing process which is creative, coherent and professionally executed.

Cooling Down Activities

After an intensive training session, cooling down is an important activity to keep body and soul optimal and united.

Siaone Family

Stars are not born, they are made. Being a member of Siaone family is a sure path to stardom.

End of the Year Party

We gather annual to celebrate the end of the year and recognize the faithfulness of God towards Siaone Football Academy.

Summer Camp

August is the time for our annual summer camp. The next one will take place from 1st August, 2023 to 21st August, 2023. Registration is from June to the third weeks of July. You can register here...

Selection Criteria

Initial Assessment

Physiological Attributes

  1. Technique
  2. Speed
  3. Endurance
  4. Strength
  5. Stature

Psychological Attributes

  1. Personality
  2. Tactical Sensitivity
  3. Situation Intelligence
  4. Decision Making

Sociological Attributes

  1. Family Relationship
  2. Peer Relationship
  3. Emotional Capacity

The successful development of players goes beyond success on the field, thus scholars must develop transferable set of core values in their everyday life.

Scholars learn how to problem solve so, they recognize and identify their weaknesses and seek practical solutions to resolving them.

Also, they are encouraged to be leaders and take responsibility for their actions so as to reflect from feedback, areas that require improvements.

The social benefits are obvious and include more friends, better relationships, improved communication skills, good education and improved leadership skills.

Player Retention

Scholars will have their status evaluated annually through the following information sources:

  1. Direct observation
  2. Profiling
  3. Evaluation
  4. Testing
  5. Assessment
  6. Competition